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The Advantages

Whether the property is desired or distressed, the Auction method of selling real estate can be extremely advantageous to the seller.

First, all auction property is sold “as is.” The property is sold without warranties or “comebacks” and the responsibility for determining the condition of the home is on the buyer, either before or after the sale. Buyer’s at auction are prepared to buy the property as is. Therefore the seller need not make excruciating repairs to bring the property up to unrealistic standards. These major investments aren’t always cost effective. We can sell the property as it sits and achieve the same value as property with costly repairs built-in.

Secondly, the auction process is much quicker than the standard real estate transaction. Auction property is always is sold and settled very quickly, by contract usually within 45 days of the falling of the hammer. There are no contingencies, no waiting for loans to come thru, no postponements or delays. When it’s sold—it’s sold!

Thirdly, for pristine properties, or those in areas of high demand, the real estate auction is a great reflection of this marketability. Since many homes in desirable neighborhoods sell in one week or less (often one day), other home seeker’s are shut out of the process. Often the home is sold serendipitously without others having a chance to bid. Homes are sold at fixed price that may bear no reflection of the emotion of the marketplace. A house might have sold for more but the price was fixed, possibly well below what the market would bear. In a true open market, an auction allows many potential home owners to display the emotion of want upon the marketplace, and ultimately upon each other, and anything can happen. An auction let’s buyers fuel their desires.

Fourthly, at Caplan’s we have carefully structured our fees to represent the best value in the real estate market place. Our commissions are always lower by half or more than a standard real estate transaction, or even our competitor’s for that matter. And not only does the seller save in commissions, homes sold at public auction are not subject any of the other expenses associated with a real estate transaction such inspections, transfer and title fees, points, etc. The buyer is responsible for all these expenses. The seller only pays our greatly reduced commission to sell the property and a minimal marketing fee.

Finally you might ask “Are most seller’s satisfied? In fact most sellers are satisfied and surprised. Surprised with the dramatic savings in fees and commissions. Satisfied with the bigger bottom dollar. Surprised that a home could be sold and settled in 45 days. Satisfied with the urgency of the process. Surprised that they didn’t have to invest major money prepping a home for sale. Satisfied with the peace of mind that the property is sold as is with no repercussions down the road. In short, anyone who wants a speedy, concrete sale at minimum commissions will be greatly satisfied with a Caplan’s Real Estate Auction.

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