John Harris


John is a jack of all trades. He is the owner, main auctioneer and appraiser at Caplan's. He is court certified and has experience in all fields of merchandise. He started Caplan's retail presence in the 1980's and opened the auction business a few years later. 

Shelley Harris


Shelley is the co- owner of Caplan's. She grew up in the world of art with her art dealer parents. She brings this expertise to the auction business as well as her advanced knowledge of both costume and fine jewelry.  

Chelsea harris


Chelsea is the daughter of John and Shelley. She recently graduated from Towson University and has joined her parents in the auction and appraisal business. She does a little bit of everything from auction set up to website maintenance. 

Debbie Cadden


Debbie is our resident office eficianto and longest Caplan's employee. You can see her every Sunday working in our office to check people in and out of the auction along with countless other tasks. Her passion is jewelry and she is more than happy to discuss her jewelry knowledge with anyone. 


Ron Kastronis


Ron is one of the most important aspects of the Caplan's team. Ron runs our clean out, pickup and delivery services. He and his team work hard day after day to ensure your items go to and from our gallery as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Liz hutchison


Liz is the newest addition to the Caplan's team. She recently married our relief auctioneer Marc and some after joined the Caplan's family. Liz can be seen in action every Wednesday and Sunday as a clerk and runner. In addition to the auction Liz is an oncology nurse. 

Diane Solomon


Diane has been our clerk for the past 20 years. She also assists in keeping our Kensington office running. She herself is an antique dealer out of Kensington. 

Marc Hutchison


Marc is both an auctioneer and runner. He can be seen working diligently every Sunday and some Wednesday. Marc also works as an auctioneer for countless storage facility auctions. 


Amanda Dipietro


Amanda is one of Caplan's hardest workers. She loves interacting with people and you will always be greated with a big hello when Amanda is around. She works in the office and the gallery floor. 

danielle walraven


Danielle is one of Caplan' oldest employees. She first began working at Caplan's when we were located at Oella Mill years ago. Danielle is an auction runner. Outside of the auction she runs her own cleaning business as well as a dog jammie business called Cappi's jammies.